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The aerial engineer was very pleasant and took the time to do an excellent job..paid a very fair price for this work...I intend to recommend him to my friends and family.
Reviewed on 04/03/2013
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DG TV and Aerial Services can install a radio aerial to improve the reception for DAB Radio/FM and possibly increase the amount of channels you currently receive.

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Contact us for any advice you may need on using DAB/FM or upgrading to DAB+ and the kind of radio aerial installations that can help in poor reception areas.

If you just need a DAB digital aerial or an an FM radio Aerial , give us a call to arrange supply and installation.

Our local engineer has extensive knowledge of the area, including how the terrain affects the reception of radio transmissions from nearby transmitters or antennas.

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Digital Television For Everyone.

Have you ever tuned into a radio station that seems to be just out of reach? Maybe you've just moved to a different county but you still want to listen to your favourite radio station from your new home?

DAB Aerial Systems.

At DG TV and Aerial Services our engineer can repair or install a higher gain antenna and help you to continue listening to that station that you used to listen to everyday and enjoy all the music you love.

Or if you just want to have an external FM aerial fitted so that you can receive a better reception, call our engineer now and he'll advise you on the most appropriate antenna for your needs which can be fitted almost straight away!

DAB Radio, or Digital Audio Broadcasting Radio, can offer more radio channels than you can receive using a standard FM radio.

You have the option to listen to a select genre of music, for example, Rock, Classic or Jazz. With certain DAB radios you can even pause and rewind the music.

There is also DAB+, a new standard that was launched in 2006 which uses a different audio codec as well as the MPEG Surround audio format and stronger error correction coding for a higher quality signal at the receiver.

Digital Television Compatible Aerial Systems.

There is a common misconception when people ask for a 'digital aerial' as there is no such thing. Television aerials can be what is known as 'digitally compatible'. These aerials are designed for their gain and the frequencies that they are best suited for receiving.

DG TV and Aerial Services can supply and install these aerials and our engineer will even show you the improvement using some of our specialist equipment, giving you total customer satisfaction and a guarantee of quality workmanship.

If you're having trouble with You Satellite TV Reception Or are in need of a new satellite dish installation then we can help!.

Do you already have the appropriate equipment but still can't receive all the channels?

Are you experiencing 'picture break-up' or poor quality reception from your TV aerial and you need a repair or a new installation?

You can call us and enquire about multi-room distribution systems that will allow you to watch digital television in every room in the home, or help to fix any issues you might have with an existing multi-room television system.

Perhaps you're thinking of using Freesat as an alternative to Freeview and you need an experienced installer to provide you with a professional Freesat installation?

If you're already watching Freesat, we can enhance your viewing and have one of our installers upgrade your television viewing to Freesat HD or Freesat+ ( LNB upgrade may be required )giving you the benefit of high definition television and enabling you to enjoy several HD channels that are already available.

After our installer has completed the job, you can enjoy your favourite TV programs throughout the day with the ability to  pause, rewind and record your favourite channels.

DG TV And Aerial Services can also help to repair satellite TV problems such as dish alignment and 'picture break up' or loss of channels.

Losing television channels or experiencing 'picture break up' with satellite television can occur when the dish is out of alignment, or if the LNB is broken or obstructed in some way. You may also see 'no signal' on the television screen.

Our Satellite Engineer will diagnose the problem and provide a solution to restore any channels that you may have lost through your Sky or Freesat/Freesat+ receiver.

Telephone:07785 568368

“So give us a call and we can arrange an appointment and our professional aerial installer can give you a free estimate on aerial repairs and installation and help you to enjoy the full benefits of the new digital age!”

Our Aerial And Satellite Dish Repair Services will always be carried out with your safety as one of our primary concerns during any installation. You can always find us on North East Derbyshire County Councils' website under the Trusted Trader Scheme.
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